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$59.00 $44.95

Money back promise! 
If you complete the course and feel that your family gained nothing, We’ll refund you immediately! 

What’s Included?
  • 15 fun lessons (~4 minute videos) – 8 exercise – 5 nutrition – 2 mindfulness
  • 15 quizzes (3-4 questions) designed to help kids retain information
  • 15 printable BOOST reviews full of workouts, recipes, tips, tricks and hacks
  • $20 gift card reward (dependent on correct quiz answers, it’s not that hard!)
  • Access to the private FaceBook Group where families connect, share and communicate with Coach Alex Direct

The real value…

  • All the information in one place, compiled by REAL fitness, nutrition and mindfulness experts , saves you time and confusion!
  • Making health education a game increases kids willingness to participate
  • Hearing the information from a trusted source reinforces encouragement by parents 
  • Unlimited access to the lessons…watch them over and over
  • A single change in the way your child looks at, thinks about or participates in healthy activities is priceless…seriously, think about that!
*refund – User must complete all lessons and quizzes. Must be requested within 30 days. Void if Rewards are redeemed.


Time to get your family moving, eating better and feeling GOOD about it! Let’s do this!

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