Become 10 again next snow day

This one is going to be sweet and short, because you have things to do and your kids might be tearing up carpet in the living room looking for things to keep them occupied. Let’s assume that for the sake of this blog post, you are home…with your kids, both of you…alone. Before we get into … Continue Reading →

4 ways to get your kid eating fish

“I HATE fish.”  – Every kid ever If you have trouble getting your kid to eat anything but frozen fish sticks you are not alone.  I know for a fact, I gave my mom real grief about fish! The truth is, fish is insanely beneficial for growing brains. It’s full of healthy fat and protein … Continue Reading →

This isn’t parenting advice

I AM NOT A PARENT Yet, everything I say revolves around kids and how to establish good habits in them.  How can a guy who has never had kids give advice on how to raise them? Why should you even consider my lessons to be useful? I am happy you asked. My house contains exactly … Continue Reading →

Resolution Reset: Re-Resolving to improve your families health

As a personal trainer I have seen the rollercoaster of emotions that accompany New Years resolutions. The excitement builds as the New Year approaches and that first week is pure thrill, things are going great until…they don’t. Come February 1st resolutions are being modified for “safer” and easier ones, only to get fully distilled or … Continue Reading →

3 step plan for family health

If your back hurts, you probably do a few things (hopefully). You change the way your sleep or start stretching, you might do certain exercises or simply apply heat to the area. You have a problem, you realize it won’t get better without action and you start trying different things to alleviate the pain. Your … Continue Reading →

I AM BOOST - My Cart

What to expect

Hey! I am Coach Alex, thank’s for stopping by, you landed here because your families health is…at least, on your radar, GREAT! This blog is a collection of tips, tricks and family hacks to make your life easier and healthier.  But I do things a bit different. My posts are going to be SHORT, to … Continue Reading →

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