Meet Coach Alex

Coach Alex is serious about family fitness!

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Hey! Thank you for checking out BOOST BASICS and for caring about your family’s health and fitness!

A bit about me:

I started BOOST with a simple goal, to get kids excited about caring for their bodies. I realized that the amount of “screen time” was going up so were the cases of childhood obesity. Something else I quickly learned was that the habits of kids are typically a direct result of the habits of mom and dad! I see an opportunity for kids and parents to learn together, to take on this challenge and start making “healthy” normal again!

I want to help kids and parents understand that their lives are 100% affected by the amount we move, the food we eat and the way we allow stress to affect us. Exercise, nutrition and mindfulness are 3 topics that I practice everyday and they have quite literally changed my life. I know that families can get stuck in a rut, doing the same things over and over again, so I want to pump some new ideas into your routine! It is time to spice things up, learn a new skill and develop healthy habits that will benefit your family long into the future!

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