About Boost Basics

The Boost Basics course is designed to educate families on the fundamentals of fitness, nutrition and mindfulness. The course is meant to be taken as a family so kids and parents can learn together. Coach Alex and his team of health professionals have created short lessons packed with health hacks and tips that you can start using immediately!

How it works

BOOST BASICS - Watch a Lesson

Watch a lesson

About 4 minutes long – packed with the info you need, no fluff!

BOOST BASICS - Show me what you got

Show me what you got

3-4 quick questions

BOOST BASICS - Earn Points

Earn points

Get real gift cards!

The Lessons

BOOST Basics - Exercise


lessons will help families understand that working out is fun and pretty easy to accomplish. The lessons will provide the fundamental skills to perform basic exercises PROPERLY. Lessons also explain the benefits of exercise, from improved brain power to general health and sports performance. The goal of the exercise lesson is simply to get families moving and make it fun!

BOOST Basics - Nutrition


lessons will show families that eating healthy foods can be tasty and surprisingly easy. BOOST BASICS will also explain the benefits of good food choices and why it is important to provider your body with the best fuel possible. Coach Alex encourages better nutrition choices with cooking ideas and challenges that families can tackle together.

BOOST Basics - Mindfulness


lessons are designed to help your family live happier lives! Coach Alex goes over the science behind controlling the “bouncing brain” and shows you how simple techniques can help your family become even happier. Kids and parents are hit with constant stress. By exploring mindfulness these stresses can begin to become more manageable.

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