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Boost Basics helps kids build confidence in their bodies buy teaching the fundamental skills surrounding exercise, nutrition and stress.  We have packaged all the best information into 15 lessons that couldn’t be easier to learn.  Boost Basics will provide your family with simple, actionable and fun information that will serve them far into the future.  Try it, the only things you have to lose are a few pounds and some stress.  Start living a healthier, happier life…today. 

Summary – What is a “strong” kid? What does fitness depend on?

  • Physical fitness
  • Food we eat
  • Self-awareness (mindfulness)
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3 Elements of Boost

3 Elements of Boost

  • Healthy Body
  • Great Nutrition
  • Strong Mind


How do I get my child motivated? Will they do it?

"My daughter enjoyed taking the quizzes! She was really excited to earn points for the gift card!"
Bailey review
~ Bailey B.
"Every night my 3 kids were like "Hey Mom and Dad when can we do our Boost lesson tonight?" It was great. We have cooked together as a family a couple nights this week already and we hope to make it a weekly deal. The videos are fun for both children and adults. They could actually been a little longer because they were enjoyable. My wife and I are defiantly more health conscious of what we are feeding them."
Cody review
~ Cody B.
"That was fun and my kids helped me navigate the web site. They both really liked it. I was surprised they were instantly motivated"
Tres review
~ Tres D.

What's Included?

Whats included - Lessons

15 fun lessons (~4 minute videos)

  • 8 exercise
  • 5 nutrition
  • 2 mindfulness

15 quizzes (3-4 questions) designed to help kids retain information

Whats included - review

15 printable BOOST reviews full of workouts, recipes, tips, tricks and hacks

Reward package for completion of course

  • Boost t-shirt
  • Boost Champion Certificate
  • 15 min call with Coach Alex to keep you moving forward
Whats included - Rewards
Whats included - Facebook group

Access to the private Facebook Group where families connect, share and communicate with Coach Alex directly

The real value of BOOST Basics…

All the information in one place, compiled by REAL fitness, nutrition and mindfulness experts, saves you time and confusion!

Making health education a game increases kid’s willingness to participate

Hearing the information from a trusted source reinforces encouragement by parents

Unlimited access to the lessons…watch them over and over

A single change in the way your child looks at, thinks about or participates in healthy activities is priceless…seriously, think about that!

The Boost Guarantee

We want you to be completely comfortable with Boost Basics.  For 90 days, we will work with you, answer your questions, and help get you succeed with our program.

Boost Bascis 90 day Guarantee Stamp

We're Serious



The sweet spot plus

Lieftime Access to Boost Basics

30 minute Video Call with Alex

Boost FitPack with jump rope & additional exercises

90-day guarantee

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We're Motivated

Only $99

The sweet spot

The basics plus

Lifetime Access to Boost Basics

Boost Facebook Group

Email support from Coach Alex

90-day guarantee

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The basics

Lifetime Access to Boost Basics

Exercises, Quizzes, & Reviews

Unlimited Replays

90-day guarantee

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Take the BOOST Challenge Quiz!

Question 1 out of 10

Do you have trouble getting your child to go outside or get off the couch?

Other Questions?

Nope! You just need your body, some household items and some room to move around!

Yes, and it’s vegetarian-friendly!

It’s online so you don’t have to be in front of a TV or DVD player. You can take lessons with you anywhere. You can even print the Boost Reviews and post them around your house for extra motivation and reminders!

Definitely. Coach Alex offers safe and effective modifications for beginners, but also offers challenges for more advanced users. We meet you where you are!

Our program includes lifetime access! You’ll never lose access to Boost Basics!

While weight loss is not the sole goal of BOOST BASICS it is possible. Weight loss happens when our bodies move more, and we eat the right foods, BOOST BASICS teaches both of these skills

Children that master body weight exercises like the ones taught in BOOST BASICS can begin exercising with light resistance under adult supervision.

Tell them about the rewards! BOOST BASICS is the only program that offers kids rewards for learning the healthy habits they need!

You can start with just 5-10 minutes a day, family time!

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